Our medical assessments stand up to the broad demands of the oil & gas sector. As well as statutory and industry-standard assessments we can fulfil medicals tailored to virtually any requirement.

Medical assessments protect both your workforce and your business from risk. It's essential to have a reliable provider at your side. We can facilitate medicals at our clinics in Aberdeen, Dyce or Teesside, at one of our partner clinics throughout the UK or on site as needed.

Our range of medical assessments includes:

If the Medical Assessment you require is not included in the above list, please contact us at Abermed and we will be pleased to advise you of availability.

OGUK Offshore Medicals

You will need to pass an Offshore Medical Examination if you wish to work offshore.

The OGUK Offshore Medical is valid for two years and allows you to work in the UK sector or the North Sea.

An OGUK Offshore Medical at Abermed consists of the following:

  • Screening:-
  • Completion of Patient Questionnaire
    • Urinalysis – routine urine test with immediate result
    • BMI – measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index
    • Near Distance and Colour Vision
    • Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement
    • Lung Function Test (peak flow)
  • Audiogram (hearing test)
  • Consultation with a doctor

Netherlands Medicals

The NOGEPA (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association) Offshore Medical allows you to work in UK, Norwegian or Dutch sectors of the North Sea.

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ERT Medicals

Members of Emergency Response Teams (ERT) require a level of fitness which is assessed by an initial ERT Medical Examination. The initial ERT Medical is similar to the OGUK Offshore Medical with the addition of an ERT Health Review, Spirometry (lung function test) and a Fitness Test (Chester Step). An annual review including Spirometry (lung function test) and a Fitness Test (Chester Step) is required.

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Diving Medicals

Professional Divers

According to the Diving at Work Regulations 1997, all professional divers must have a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive, issued by an HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers. The certificate of medical fitness to dive is valid up to a maximum of 12 months.

For the initial HSE Diving Medical Examination it is necessary to bring with you a completed health questionnaire which can be found in Annex A on Page 22 of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) leaflet ‘The Medical Examination and Assessment of Divers (MA1)’ which is found at www.hse.gov.uk/diving/information.htm

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Seafarers Medicals (ENG1)

ENG1 Seafarers Medicals are the main medical fitness certification for those who work at sea. An MCA (Marine and Coastguard Agency) approved doctor is required to issue the ENG1 certificate after a full medical has taken place. For more information please see able on the MCA’s website at www.mcga.gov.uk

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Crane Operators Medicals

People whose employment entails working in confined spaces may require a Medical which involves screening (with particular reference to vision), audiogram (hearing test) and a consultation with a doctor. Crane operators working offshore must hold an OGUK Offshore Certificate. For more information regarding ‘Safety Critical Workers’ please see the HSE website www.hse.gov.uk/construction/healthrisks/workers.htm

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Climbers Medicals

People whose work entails climbing such as Industrial Abseilers may require a Medical to check their fitness for the specific work. The Abermed Climbers Medical involves screening, a grip strength test, a fitness test (Chester Step) and a consultation with a doctor.

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Confined Space Medicals

People whose employment entails working in confined spaces may require a Medical to check their fitness for the specific work. The Abermed Confined Space Medical involves screening, spirometry (lung function test), audiogram (hearing test) and a consultation with a doctor.

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IR Medicals

Working with Radiation

Personnel who have had significant exposure to Ionising Radiation due to work activities in the nuclear industry; medical and dental practice; manufacturing; construction; engineering; paper; offshore drilling; education (colleges, schools) and non-destructive testing must have an initial IR Medical Assessment followed annually by either a Medical Assessment or a Paper Review.

For more information about Working with Radiation please see HSE (Health and Safety Executive) www.hse.gov.uk/radiation/ionising/index.htm

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Asbestos Medicals

Working with Asbestos

An initial asbestos medical must be carried out by an appointed doctor who will assess the patient’s health before they begin working with asbestos.

For more information regarding Asbestos please see the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) website www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/information.htm

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Medicals for specific countries, such as Kuwait or Saudi Arabia

Abermed can provide Medical Assessments for entry to work within particular countries. These Medicals vary according to the country required but can involve screening, completing a medical questionnaire, drug screening, blood screening, urine screening, stool screening and a consultation with a doctor.

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Lead Medicals

Exposure to lead can lead to kidney problems and/or brain and nerve damage. A Lead Medical will involve the taking of blood to test for lead levels and a consultation with a doctor. For information regarding working safely with lead please see the HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk/lead/index.htm

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