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International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company, has been awarded the ISO/TS 13131:2014 certification, for the high standards of its TeleHealth services. This is the second consecutive year International SOS has achieved this benchmark. Awarded by BSI (British Standards Institution), the scheme was launched last year and sets out quality criteria for the delivery of telehealth services. The BSI auditor assessed remote medical assistance, clinical governance and quality management protocols, the ability to meet legal requirements and to protect patient data.

Maureen Sumner Smith, Chief Operating Officer for Europe, BSI group, said: “These guidelines were introduced due to rapid growth in the telehealth industry and to ensure that providers deliver consistent, quality remote medical assistance. Organizations have a duty of care to their employees and must make sure that they are receiving the safest level of healthcare. By achieving certification of compliance to ISO/TS 13131, International SOS has demonstrated best practice in its telehealth services and we would encourage other providers of healthcare from a distance to do the same.”

Neil Nerwich, Group Medical Director of Assistance at International SOS, said, “We know that our TeleHealth service is vitally important to our clients and their mobile workers, and take pride in delivering a high quality service, both medically and technically. When delivered to a high standard, telehealth can save significant amounts of time and assist in business continuity, while helping employees by ensuring that they have access to timely and accurate medical assistance whenever and wherever they need it.

TeleHealth is part of our industry leading medical and travel security risk mitigation services, enabling organisations to ensure the health and wellbeing of their mobile workforce. We invest heavily in quality programmes and this certification recognizes our industry leadership in developing and deploying market-leading, secure technological solutions coupled with the high standard of medical services across our platform.

International SOS has provided remote medical services since 1985. The global TeleHealth services platform provides medical information, advice and referrals around the clock to clients travelling or working abroad and managed 4.6m calls globally through its Assistance Centres in 2015. The integrated solution also provides immediate access to security experts for real time information and advice.

In addition to certification in accordance to the guidelines provided in ISO/TS 13131, International SOS has achieved global certification to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems for its Assistance Centres, International SOS clinics and Medical Services.

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